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John Kasha

Hey my name is Lukas and I'm from Germany and I've ordered a Kasha (C335). I have watched many videos on the amp and was very impressed. I had to save up for it, but wow, it was well worth it!

John is a nice person and I could ask everyting about the amp (how long the construction period is, what he is doing during the time till it is finish, and so on). You could write him and almost immediatly you have the answer. After the amplifier was finished he sent me the documents, invoice for the customs, and pictures of the amp. One week later the amp arrived and I thought: „Sh*t that looks and Sounds awsome.“ The first time I plugged it in I've got goose bumps. I've written him that the amp arrived. He asked if the amp arrived safely and if I like the sound. I definitely recommend the amp and the service which John gave me.

Great service and great amp :)

Lukas Owner